I proudly announce that my Spektrum Satellite Arduino Library has been released with the version 1.0.0 on Github:
It features:

  • A Complete Implementation of Official Specification
  • Support for binding using different BindModes
  • Support for receiving and sending of data
  • Input and output are handled via Streams. So you can use it with Serial, Bluetooth, UDP etc….
  • Support of automatic scaling of channel values (using different data types)
  • Automatic handling of 1024 and 2048 servo data
  • Support for all 12 channels
  • Automatically considers the endianness of your processor (in Arudino e.g. the processor is little endian, the protocal expects all data fields as big-endian)
  • Support for logging using a specified Serial pin
  • Provides Serialization to and from CSV format


You can download this project as ZIP and in the Arduino IDE use -> Sketch -> Include Library -> Add ZIP Library.

The recommended way however is to clone the project to your libraries directory. E.g. with

cd ~/Documents/Arduino/libraries
git clone https://github.com/pschatzmann/SpektrumSatellite.git

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