I proudly announce that my first commercial website with an integrated web shop is live now.

It relies fully on free open source software. Here is the complete solution architecture which is running with  Xubuntu:

  • Webmin (Linux Administration)
  1. Webalizer (Web Log Analysis)
  2. System and Server Status
  3. Data Backup
  • Docker (Software Container System)
  1. Nginx (Web Server)
  2. Worpress (Content Management)
    1. woocommerce (web shop)
    2. updraft (data backup)
    3. and many other small plugins….
  3. Software Development
    1. SVN Server (Version Control)
    2. Jenkins (Software Automation)
    3. Nexus (Repository Manager)
  4. Our Custom Services
    1. swissqr – QR Code REST Webservice
    2. swissqr – QR Code Mail Service
    3. swissqr-store (Process Automation)
  5. Certbot (Letsencrypt Cetificate Renewal)
  6. Portainer (Docker Administration)
  7. (docker-mailserver (E-Mail) )
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