I am trying to build an Arduino based Guitar Pedal with the help of a Microcontroller and some cheap standard modules. So far, I had the data input, the Audio Effects ready and just needed to put everything together.

When I tried to demonstrate how to output the sound from an ADS1015 ADC I realized that nothing was actually working: The output to the webserver was not producing any sound and the output via I2S was just giving error messages.

That’s when I started to measure the effective samples per seconds and I was nowhere near the range of the advertised 3300 sample per second: I was getting less then 1000, which is just not enough!

Here are the links to the failed sketches:
Analog Output
Server Output

So I am giving up the idea to use the ADS1015 for audio and instead I will try to use some proper audio components:
I am now considering the following approaches to read the input from an electric guitar:

  • Use an microphone amplifier to feed the built in ESP32 ADC. I will be able to use the AnalogAudioStream class!
  • Use a PCM1802 ADC which provides the audio data via I2S. I will be able to use the I2SStream class!

It will take some time for these components to arrive….


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