It was quite a challenge to convert eSpeak NG to an Arduino Library. In the meantime I managed to publish a first round of error corrections.

The eSpeak NG is a compact open source software text-to-speech synthesizer for Linux, Windows, Android and other operating systems. It supports more than 100 languages and accents. It is based on the eSpeak engine created by Jonathan Duddington.

For each language (=voice) you can also set a voice variant (e.g Alicia which stands for one female voice). To define the voice is easy: you just need to register the file which contains the voice data and then set it via the setVoice() command. The voice is separated from the optional voice variant by a + sign.

  // add voice option
  espeak.add("/mem/data/voices/!v/Alicia", espeak_ng_data_voices__v_Alicia, espeak_ng_data_voices__v_Alicia_len);

  // setup espeak
  // Set voice and voice option

Available Files

The list of the available relevant voice files

Source Code

The complete example can be found on Github.


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