The last two days this WordPress site was down several times. I restarted my local server and things started to work but when I checked a couple of hours later the connection was down again. I am using Zerotier to connect the public server to my local machine and indeed a ping revealed that the connection was down. Pings to other servers were working, but the machine with WordPress was not reachable.

So I started to look for a potential reason. I noticed that all my other servers were on a recent Zerotier release and just my Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS Focal release was using a very old 1.2 version.

The server is running a daily upgrade with apt – so this was strange!

I was checking the for the zerotier.list file in the /etc/apt/sources.list.d directory and in fact the entry has been commented out by the last release upgrade.

Therefore I added the following line:

deb focal main 

und was running sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade and sudo zerotier-cli info
And it is showing that I have 1.8.5 now – and indeed this is currently the latest version!

I am hoping that this fixed my issue…


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