On Friday I was receiving my Raspberry PI Pico and I had the opportunity to play around with it. Actually most of the time I spent reading the Manuals… The conclusion: interesting – but a little bit too complicated to use – So I was quite happy to read that Arduino plans to add an official support for this Microcontroller.

I am also missing a built in DAC and I2S support though.

From my point of view the new Pico shines in the following areas

  • The documentation is quite extensive
  • The PIO allows the implementation of new functionality which is not supported yet (e.g. I2S)
  • The board has a programmable USB and can act as USB host or USB device!

However I did not want to wait for the official Arduino implementation to be available, so as a temporary solution, I decided to make my own Arduino API available as a separate project.

Design goals

  • Provide a full implementation of the Arduino API
  • Provide additional easy to use C++ classes for the functionality which is specific to the Pico
  • Keep the pico specific build process using cmake
  • Option to use this project just as additional cmake library
  • Support of existing Arduino Libraries
  • Provide a complete set of examples

After one and a half days of work, I am quite happy with the result. You can find this project on Github.

As a next step I am wondering if I manage to implement SPI in order to use e.g. the Arduino SD disk framework…

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