The initial concept of Smart EDGAR was to provide the tools to download the data from the EDGAR website and
– store the information as local files
– store the information in a SQL database
– provide reporting functionality from this data

We have extended the functionality a little bit so that the Smart EDGAR Library can be used without having any data available locally. So we also provide
– an API which retrieves the information directly from the EDGAR Website.
– Company KPIs from the EDGAR Website or pulling the data from a REST webservice

The details can be found in the following Gist

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Ming · 20. February 2019 at 21:18

Hi, Phil,

Love your works on Edgar.
It works fine for AAPL. But when I tried for other company, it failed. Later I found that the setup() in CompanyEdgarValuesEdgar (line 88) hardcoded identifier to “AAPL”. This seems to be the issue.
Also found another hardcoded place in EdgarDBService (line 322, “NetIncomeLoss”).

    pschatzmann · 17. April 2019 at 19:20

    You are right, AAPL was hard coded in CompanyEdgarValuesEdgar. I did not notice because I have been activley using only CompanyEdgarValuesDB for my simulations. I have corrected this bug!

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