In my last blog I demonstrated how to build a model that can predict if a stock is going up or down based on the news headlines using Spark MLLib. In this demo I will do the same – but with the help of OpenNLP.

The solution consists of the following components

  • OpenNLP (Text Classification)
  • My News-Digest fuctionality (which I have described in my last blogs)
  • Investor (Determination of the stock prices to calculate the labels )
  • confusion-matrix (to evaluate the Classification result)

The details can be found in the following Gist

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Cat · 11. July 2023 at 23:41

You are doing some very interesting stuff!
I am also an investor but (at least) lately I find/think that NOTHING works, maybe for two reasons:
1 The world is changing and whatever were the “rules” in the past they have changed
2 Market Makers and others are actively obfuscating everything (to call it nicely) so that any decisions based on anything that the little investor has access to is doomed to make them richer and the little investor poorer.
The fact that, for periods of time, “everybody” makes money is just either outside of “their” control (for example recovery after CoVid or short periods meant to be honeypots.
Do any of your tools help you be a succesful investor?

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